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We have many other social service providers to identify and better serve at risk children and youth.


We are always looking for innovative servants and innovative ways to serve our constituency.


If you, or someone you know, can assist us in our efforts to grow this ministry please contact the Nazarene Church Office at


Who We Are:


Camp Nazarene is a ministry of the Nazarene Baptist Church dedicated to the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of youth and families. Our proud home, once a stop on the historic Underground Railroad, is 93 acres of undeveloped land in the beautiful mountains.


We purchased the sprawling farmland, originally owned by Pennsylvania Quakers, in 1926. From 1926 until 1951, the property was maintained by the selling of crops and animals raised. This included corn, wheat, oat, and rye crops, and chickens, pigs, and cows. In the 1950’s, we moved away from the farming industry and used the land for youth and family services. A committee was formed to oversee this new venture and thus Camp Nazarene was born.


Known for welcoming youngsters of all backgrounds into our 'home away from home', Camp Nazarene is Christian camping at its best in God’s great outdoors. It’s the place to which children come to relax and experience peace. It’s “the Natural Place to Grow in Christ.”  

Nazarene Baptist Church
Camp Address:
5583 Upper Mountain Road
Lahaska, PA. 18931
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