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Camp Nazarene's History:

In 1958, Camp Nazarene opened its doors as a one-day Bible Camp. Our evolution from that one-day camp included overnight camping, weekend camping, weekly camping, bi-weekly camping, and eventually a full season of residential summer camping.  

In the early years, our sole focus was biblical instruction. Our belief that a firm Christian foundation is paramount to quality living helped gather busloads of children, taking them to the countryside, and teaching them the word of God. Admittedly, we were limited in our understanding of the total needs of the child, but God was not. Even in the midst of our limitations God showed himself to be powerful, and many lives were change by the work of the camping ministry.


With barely sufficient financial and human resources, a handful of Nazarene members committed themselves (time, talent and treasure) to the advancement of the camping program, and before long dedication to the ministry increased and its outreach expanded. 

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