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Our purpose is to provide a ministry in teaching and applying the Word of God
into every area of our lives.

Our ministry is the umbrella that covers the following ministries: 

Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Annual Church Outing in Lahaska, PA

The Church Van Ministry

Marriage Fellowship

Bible Classes
(Monday Afternoon and Wednesday Evening)

Girlfriends Gathering With Grace
(3rd Saturdays)


Scholarship Program

Grief Ministry

Christian Education Teacher Training

Discipleship Class

The Congress of Christian Education

The Spiritual Sister & Brother Ministry

New Membership Classes

The Bookstore & Prop Shop Ministries

For more information, please contact Deaconess Elmira Williams, Department Chairperson.

Teacher Training

Deaconess Cynthia Robinson, MBA


(Mr. & Mrs.) Trustee Chairman Kent & Donniell Cooke

Marriage Fellowship

(Mr. & Mrs.) Jamal & Lenette Garland

Spritual Sister & Brother

Deacon Scruggs

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