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Scholarship Ministry

All current college students should submit their Spring semester certificate of enrollment by February 15th through email, mail, or fax. You may also submit it to any Scholarship Committee person. Any questions, please contact Celeste Ruffin at



mail: PO BOX 38397, Phila. PA 19140

fax: 215-223-9861


Are you or your child enrolled in a post-secondary school this year? If you are, please review the following information:



1. If you are planning a fall admission/renewal (in September), the Scholarship
Committee must receive your completed application/renewal no later than May 15th
2. If you are planning a spring admission/renewal (in January), the Scholarship
Committee must receive your completed application/renewal no later than
November 15th
3. Upon approval of your application, the disbursement of funds will be made to you
when you have provided a copy of your paid tuition bill to the Scholarship
Committee. If a copy of your paid tuition bill has not been provided to the
Scholarship Committee by October 15th and February 15th, funds will not be
4. A full application must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee for each
September admission by May 15th. When the disbursement is made (for
September), you will receive a Request for Scholarship Renewal for your next
semester session.
5. Your completed application, request for renewal and other documents can be
forwarded to the attention of the Scholarship Committee. All information will be held
6. Please feel free to contact the Scholarship Committee with any questions you may
have. We will be glad to help you.

Respectfully yours,
The Scholarship Committee


The mission of the Scholarship Ministry is to support our youth both spiritually and financially to enable them to strive for high excellence through their personal and
educational journeys. 

Our mission is accomplished through
sponsored church events, college fairs, and community outreach.

Ministry Officers:

Celeste Roberts-Ruffin, President

Barbara Waldon, Vice President

Alberta Tracey Benn, Treasurer

James E. Rhone, Emeritus

Connie Williams, Chaplin

Help take the financial burden off our students by filling out Scholarship Applications:

Scholarship Rules and Application

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