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Camp Nazarene's Focus:

Over forty years after its inception, the rolling green hills and picturesque sunset that surrounds the wide, open spaces of Camp Nazarene still provide the perfect place for campers to grow. Having come to a better understanding of the comprehensive needs of the child our focus is no longer just spiritual. Rather, we now attend to the social, emotional, and physical development of children as well. 


We continue to believe that biblical instruction is essential, but we have expanded our curriculum to also address other areas of child development. Our core curriculum is comprised of Physical Education and Instructional Swim whereby children can learn to maintain their bodies and further stimulate their minds. We teach Nature and Environmental Science. From this the children come to know about sound nutrition and how it factors into healthy living. Moreover, they learn that the power of God is not only manifested in humankind but in all of creation. They learn that the earth has been entrusted to us as caretakers and it is our responsibility to maintain and develop it, and that its maintenance and development is crucial to the survival of all creation.


We also teach Arts and Crafts. Many children consider themselves to be without artistic talent and are consequently resistant to this undertaking. Once exposed however, they soon discover that art is highly personal and is intended to reflect the unique manifestation of God in the individual. Through this medium they acquire the discipline necessary to see things through to completion, and the ability to appreciate individuality.


Lastly, in an effort to promote interpersonal development we teach sportsmanship through athletics. Good athletic competition will undoubtedly bring out the best and the worst in its competitors, but we use each sporting event as an opportunity to teach the children endurance, perseverance, reaching beyond personal limitations, and the regrettably lost art of celebrating the victories of others.


Camp Nazarene allows children to enjoy the invigoration of rustic living: there are sleepovers in the great outdoors; hiking up a natural mountain path; recreational (as well as instructional) swimming; sports of every sort; field trips and campfires; and the highlight of our day – the evening program. Evening programs allow campers to showcase their theatric abilities (and acquire a sense of confidence) as they perform before an audience of their peers.


Today, at full encampment, we accommodate 65 campers and a compliment of staff at each session.  The Camp Nazarene experience renders children better able to manage their time and behavior and renders them more appropriate in their interactions with peers and authority figures as well. Generally speaking they are better able to self-monitor.

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